Commander Ron Sayag speaks to his battalion as he preps them for battle in Jabalya, north of Gaza City:

“Shabbat shalom, Hamas is doing everything so as not to return the hostages and to threaten our existence. We can’t allow this to happen. The time has come to conduct a winning hit on Jabalya.

We’re going to watch each others’ backs.

We’re going to return security to the State of Israel.

Zev Jabotinsky said a pioneer works for those coming after him.

We’re going to make Israel a much better State. We’re going to protect our nation of Israel.

Each one of you is the generation of victory.

You are writing the history of the State of Israel.

Together we will defeat Hamas.

We’re fighting a war of independence.

It’s our duty to be a free people in our land, so it’s important now that we sing HaTikvah.

Good luck and until Victory!”

    Taubie June 10, 2024 4:40 pm


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