Ezra Yakhin, a 96-year-old veteran of the Lehi movement, was promoted to Command Sergeant Major in a special IDF ceremony. Despite his age, Yakhin continues to serve in the reserves, primarily motivating soldiers and sharing his combat experiences. Since the outbreak of the war, he has visited bases, inspiring troops with his lectures.

Yakhin, affiliated with the IDF Rabbinate and the Education Corps’ “Torchbearers” unit, was honored for his enduring contribution and influence on young fighters. He emphasizes the power of love for Israel and its land as the key to victory.

At the promotion ceremony, it was highlighted that Yakhin’s speeches instill the ancient warrior spirit in soldiers. He closely monitors current events and felt the war coming before it started. Officially recruited shortly after the war began, Yakhin sees himself as a lifelong soldier for Israel, declaring, “Only death releases me from service.”

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