Elite Israeli troops pushed deep into the heart of Rafah on Saturday in an effort to deal a devastating blow to Hamas’ last remaining terror capabilities.

According to the IDF, the operation uncovered a vast network of terror tunnels and caches of weapons, including rocket launchers and explosives, hidden within civilian infrastructure.

Tragically, Hamas once again demonstrated an utter disregard for innocent Arab lives by burrowing these tunnels of terror directly beneath civilian neighborhoods in its terror campaign against Israel. Meanwhile, a two-week-long military operation in Jabalia has uncovered over 6 miles of tunnels packed with weapons and bombs.

Among the eliminated terrorists in this northern Gaza neighborhood was a senior Hamas commander who had overseen the construction and expansion of these terror tunnels for years.

After rescuing the bodies of seven hostages brutally taken by Hamas on October 7, the IDF’s valiant 98th Division has been ordered to strategically withdraw from Jabalia to regroup and prepare for further operations in the Gaza Strip.

During the intense fighting on Friday, Sergeant First Class Adar Gavriel, 24, from Caesarea, and Sergeant Yehonatan Elias, 20, from Jerusalem, were tragically killed in action.

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