CNN has come under heavy fire after the network was caught collaborating with an Arab journalist who has strong ties to Hamas.

A bombshell investigation conducted by HonestReporting uncovers a disturbing pattern of behavior by Abdel Qader Sabbah, a freelancer who provided material for CNN and other media outlets over the past nine months.

Sabbah’s Facebook profile reads like a who’s who of Hamas leadership, featuring cozy selfies with the likes of Hamas co-founder Mahmoud A-Zahar, a man who has openly called for the annihilation of Jews in his book “The End of the Jews.”

He also produced a Hamas propaganda video which was shared on the Interior Ministry’s official page. Hoeverm Sabbah’s involvement with Hamas may run deeper, as evidenced by a photo of him wearing a uniform of the General Training Directorate, a Hamas-run body responsible for training the group’s “security” forces in Gaza.

Perhaps most disturbingly is Sabbah’s reverence for Izz al-Din al-Masri, a suicide bomber who claimed the lives of 16 innocent people at a Sbaro pizzeria in 2001. In a Facebook post, he describes al-Masri as his “hero” while lavishing praise on Hamas’ “resistance” during the Second Intifada.

In a statement to HonestReporting, a CNN spokesperson confirmed that Sabbah had provided material used in stories for the network during a time when their own journalists were barred from entering Gaza independently.

“We have reviewed this material carefully and are comfortable that it meets our standards,” the CNN spokesperson said. “We were not aware of this individual’s historical social posts and recognize that they are highly offensive. We will no longer be working with this individual in the future.”

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