Iran on Wednesday sentenced a 60-year-old political prisoner with heart disease to nearly two more decades in prison simply for condemning terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians.

According to Iran International, Fatemeh Sepehri’s 18.5-year sentence issued by Judge Hossein Yazdankhah of the Mashhad Revolutionary Court breaks down into several different “crimes.” The first 7 years is for “supporting” Israel, 7 more for “conspiring” against national security, 3 years for “insulting” Supreme Leader Khamenei, and a year and half for “propagandizing” against the regime.

These charges all stem from a comment Sepehri allegedly made while she was recovering from open heart surgery right before being sent to Vakilabad Prison.

“I condemn Hamas’s attack on Israel and say loudly that the Iranian nation stands by the Israeli nation. The Islamic Republic and its agents spend Iran’s wealth to buy bullets and attack Israel. We, the people of Iran neither want war nor the killing of defenseless people,” Sepehri had declared as per the report.

“I again condemn Hamas’s attack. Since the rise to power of Ali Khamenei and the founding of the Islamic Republic, the Middle East has not seen peace,” she added before being sent back to prison over her original offense of supporting a Woman Life Freedom protest in 2022.

Iranian human rights advocates argue that Sepehri’s case further exposes the paranoid depths of Tehran’s efforts to contain anything that disrupts the propagandized minds of its brutalized population.

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