A dire assessment from Israel’s National Cyber Directorate (INCD) has exposed Iran’s vast cyber terror capabilities.

Speaking at the annual Cyber Week conference on Tuesday, INCD director Gaby Portnoy warned that Iran has drastically accelerated its rogue cyber operations targeting allied nations across multiple continents.

“We have identified that Iran is attacking its allies and other countries for information extortion and damaging digital services. The information stolen from government systems is then used for Iranian cyber-terrorism,” Portnoy stated.

New hacker groups like “Homeland Justice” have reportedly been working in tandem with established Iranian standouts like “Imperial Kitten” to serve as digital cover for the regime’s notorious Revolutionary Guard Corp. In the United States, their operations have already triggered federal sanctions against Iranian-backed “activists” and financial proxies for attempting to hack sensitive government facilities.

However, nowhere has Iran’s rapidly intensifying cyber aggression been felt more acutely than in Israel itself. Iranian cyber terrorists allegedly attempted to sabotage operations at Ziv Medical Center in Safed at the height of Hamas’ October 7 massacre against Israel.

Portnoy also called for a united international response to finally counter the Islamic Republic’s borderless cyber warfare.

“Iranian cyber aggression is an international problem, not only an Israeli one, and therefore the solution needs to be international,” he said. “We need to step up the way we work together, where we have sectoral and organizational cloud SOCs, like the CyberShield project we are developing, to detect and defend against cyber attacks while protecting all sides’ interests and privacy.”

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