Iran’s sham election kicked off on Friday to choose its next president after former tyrant Ebrahim Raisi’s death in a helicopter crash last month.

In a blatant mockery of the democratic process, Iran’s clerical Guardian Council has handpicked a mere six candidates from a list of 80 registrants. Of the six initial contenders, four remain in the race after two dropped out on Thursday. All but one are fanatical hardliners, with half of them already subject to Western sanctions for their roles in perpetuating terror.

If no candidate secures a clear majority after Friday’s vote, the top two contenders will face a second round of voting on July 5, with the winner serving a four-year term.

With roughly 61 million eligible voters, a significant portion of Iran’s population has reportedly pledged to boycott the election, recognizing the futility of participating in a system that offers no real choice. Their disillusionment is reflected in the historically low voter turnout in Iran’s last presidential and parliamentary elections in 2021 and March 2024, which saw the lowest recorded participations in the Islamic Republic’s history.

In truth, Friday’s election is not expected to change the fate for the millions suffering under Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s oppressive regime, nor will it bring relief to the international community grappling with the growing threat of a nuclear-armed Iran.

Having all been indoctrinated by Islam’s radical doctrine, the next Iranian president will likely be emboldened to further support Khamenei’s agenda to destroy Israel and make the dream of freedom a living hell for its citizens.

Watch as Khamenei casts the first vote in Tehran for the elections.

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