Ireland to Recognize Palestinian State by End of May


Ireland has indicated its willingness to recognize a Palestinian state prematurely by the end of May.

“The specific date is still fluid because we’re still in discussions with some countries with respect to a joint recognition of a Palestinian state,” Irish Foreign Minister Michael Martin told Newstalk radio station on Tuesday. “It will become clear in the next few days as to the specific date, but it certainly will be before the end of this month.”

Their decision follows a joint statement issued by the leaders of Spain, Ireland, Slovakia, and Malta in March, expressing their readiness to recognize Palestinian statehood. Last week, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell indicated that Spain, Ireland, and Slovenia plan to symbolically recognize a Palestinian state on May 21, with others potentially following suit.

The Irish Republic has long held an anti-Israel policy ever since the war between Israel and Hamas broke out seven months ago. Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has been extremely critical of Israel’s military actions in Gaza, accusing the Jewish state of being “blinded by rage” during a CNN interview in February.

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