At a time when the Gaza war has ignited a global firestorm of antisemitic vitriol against the Jewish state, one inspiring story is shattering unhinged misinformation.

Israeli-Arab Adam Maraana qualified for the Israeli Olympic team after tying the Israeli national record in the 100-meter backstroke on Thursday. His amazing achievement marks the third time an Arab has represented the Jewish state at the Olympics.

“I was taught that regardless of who’s standing in front of me, he or she deserves my respect,” Maraana told Haaretz. “I hope to be a goodwill ambassador for Israel at a time when the conflict against Hamas has spurred anti-Israel protests across the globe.”

“The media has great power to influence, which plays a very large role in this fear of Arabs in Israel. Ultimately, I’m ready to talk about the most sensitive issues, and I don’t hold back.”

From Iranian-backed terror proxies who terrorize Israeli civilians to extremists harassing Jewish students on American campuses, Maraana’s ascension to this year’s games in Paris starkly exposes the double standards to which the Middle East’s lone democracy is routinely held.

In truth, Israel’s wildly diverse Olympic team, which also includes Jewish, Muslim, Christian, and Druze athletes, is a shining emblem of the nation’s bedrock democratic values of equality and human rights.

As the International Criminal Court files vile allegations of “genocide” against Israel, Maraana’s inclusion on the world’s biggest athletic stage is a stirring reminder of the Jewish state’s unifying spirit – a cue that the anti-Israel mob has proven utterly incapable of comprehending, much less emulating.

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