The search for Israeli businessman and his fiance came to a tragic end on Saturday morning when their bodies were discovered in a remote quarry in the Philippines.

According to Ynet, Yitzhak Cohen and Geneva Lopez were last seen on June 21 when they set out to inspect a piece of real estate. The meeting was arranged by an individual who had borrowed money from Cohen years earlier but never returned the loan.

As the days turned into weeks with no word from the couple, the Cohen family’s fears grew. Local police believe Yitzhak and Geneva had likely fallen prey to a ruthless scam that targets successful foreign business people in the Philippines, often resulting in kidnapping and ransom demands. The discovery of the couple’s charred abandoned vehicle near their home in Angeles City only added to the family’s growing dread.

After nearly two weeks of extensive searching, the couple’s bodies were finally discovered in a remote quarry. The Israeli embassy is now assisting in repatriating Cohen’s body to Israel, while local authorities have sent their remains for autopsy to determine the cause of death.

For the families of Yitzhak and Geneva, the pain of their loss is immeasurable. They had been eagerly anticipating the couple’s upcoming wedding, but are now left to grieve the senseless loss of two vibrant young lives cruelly cut short by the brutality of those who prey upon the innocent.

May their memories be a blessing.

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