Another Israeli hostage taken by Hamas on October 7 is no longer alive.

A statement issued on Thursday evening by the Eshkol Regional Council has confirmed that Dror Or, a resident of the kibbutz, was murdered on the day of his abduction and his body is still being held by the terrorist organization in Gaza. Confirmation of the 49-year-old’s death came after a committee of representatives from the Ministry of Health, Israel Police, and the Ministry of Religion reviewed the evidence and gave it to the council.

“Together with the Be’eri community, we wished and held onto the hope all the time that Dror would return alive from captivity to the arms of his children, parents, brother, and sister. Unfortunately, a committee of experts that met today determined, based on the findings presented to it, that Dror is not among the living,” the statement reads.

Tragically, Or’s wife, Yonat, was also murdered on October 7, and their two children, Noam, 17, and Alma, 13, were held captive until their release in a ceasefire deal in November. The couple’s eldest son, Yahli manage to survive as  as he was not at the kibbutz at the time.

Israel is still awaiting Hamas’s response to its recent ceasefire proposal that would see a six-week pause in fighting in exchange for less than 40 Israeli hostages for hundreds of Arab prisoners. The Times of Israel reports, citing a Hamas official based in Lebanon, that the terror group is still not content with Israel’s generous offer and wishes to negotiate for even more concessions.

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