In a major rebuke to the Palestinian Authority’s support for bloodshed, Israel’s Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich has redirected $35 million away from PA leader Mahmoud Abbas’s coffers directly into the hands of Israeli families devastated by Arab violence.

The PA’s infamous “pay-to-slay” policy dispenses lavish cash rewards to Arabs and their families who carry out terror attacks against Israel. Despite the bloody nature of this incentive program, Abbas has not stopped paying terror stipends while letting his own people suffer the consequences.

Despite evidence that it perpetually teeters on insolvency, the PA receives millions of dollars from Israel and the international community to help sustain the Arab population – not to fund Israel’s destruction.

Disturbing beneficiaries underwritten by this policy introduced on Wednesday reportedly include some of those involved in the Hamas-led massacre on October 7. Hailed as “martyrs” by the PA, thy are now seeing some of their money redirected to 28 Israeli families who have borne the brunt of Arab violence.

While the sum redistributed to the victims represents a mere fraction of the PA’s overall terror-funding apparatus, Smotrich hopes his decision will lead to more financial reforms in the future.

“There is no greater justice than recompensing out of the funds of the Palestinian Authority that endeavored to support terrorism and transferring them to the families of the victims of terrorism,” he said.

“The Israeli government is changing its policy and today we are starting to rectify it. There is no consolation here for the families of those that were murdered, but justice is implemented by this.”

As the PA continues to embrace violence as a desirable path to extorting concessions, Smotrich claims that he simply adjusted Israel’s mandated contribution by denying the financial resources needed to actualize another mass atrocity.

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