The sanctity of Jewish cemeteries across North America was shattered this week by a series of disgraceful acts of vandalism.

Cincinnati’s Tiferet Israel Cemetery and Bet Hamedrash Hagadol Cemetery were targeted in an attack on Monday which saw over 200 headstones toppled and smashed, with some dating back to the 18th century, according to WHIOTV.

Cemetery officials are working to contact the relatives of those whose headstones were damaged, a task complicated by the fact that many of them were found face down, concealing the names of the deceased.

Local authorities and the FBI have launched an investigation into the incidents but have yet to make any arrests. They have issued an advisory against disturbing the vandalized headstones to preserve evidence crucial to the investigation. Once authorization is granted, the headstones will be honorably placed back upright.

Meanwhile, Montreal’s Jewish community was shaken over the weekend by reports of vandalism at the Kehal Israel cemetery, where stones fashioned into swastikas were found on multiple graves.

“It is absolutely abhorrent and revolting to defile the dead with swastikas. This desecration at the Kehal Israel cemetery in Montreal is beyond contempt. Justin Trudeau, step aside and get out of the way so we can reclaim our country. May this Kohen’s neshama have an Aliyah on high,” Hampstead Mayor Jeremy Levi wrote on X.

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