The Knesset voted 71-10 on Monday night to pass a law allowing it to close Al Jazeera’s Israel based news offices.

Under the new bill, if the Prime Minister is convinced that a foreign channel’s broadcasts in Israel significantly harm state security, the Minister of Communications can, with the Prime Minister’s consent and the Political-Security Cabinet or Government’s approval, enact punitive measures. These actions include stopping the channel’s broadcasts, closing its offices, ordering the takedown of its website if hosted in Israel, or seizing equipment used to provide the channel’s content.

Shortly thereafter, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took to social media to celebrate the passage of the bill.

“Al Jazeera harmed Israel’s security, actively participated in the October 7 massacre, and incited against Israeli soldiers. Al Jazeera will no longer be broadcast from Israel. I intend to act immediately in accordance with the new law to stop the channel’s activity,” Netanyahu wrote on X.

In response to the vote, White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre called Israel’s desire to pass a bill to oust the pro-Hamas news network “concerning.”

“The United States supports the critically important work of journalists around the world, and that includes those who are reporting on the conflict in Gaza,” Jean-Pierre told reporters. “So we believe that work is important. Freedom of the press is important. And if those reports are true, it is concerning to us.”

Al Jazeera has long supported Arab terrorism. In February, the IDF uncovered evidence proving Al Jazeera journalist Mohamed Washah also served as a Hamas terrorist. Documents recovered revealed that Washah is a “prominent commander” in Hamas’s anti-tank missile unit, and was involved in research and development for the terror group’s air unit.

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