The Maldives is reconsidering its decision to ban all Israeli citizens from entering the country.

Earlier this month, President Mohamed Muizzu announced he would block entry to all Israeli passport holders, in order to push back against Israel’s “genocide” in Gaza. A week later, the Maldives parliament amended its immigration law, approving a bill that would bar all Israeli citizens even if traveling on a foreign passport.

However, Muizzu’s hardline policy is now being walked back as it currently includes millions of Arabs holding Israeli citizenship. According to Israel’s Immigration and Population Authority, more than 2 million Arabs live in the Jewish homeland, although many of them do not identify themselves as “Palestinian.”

“The biggest concern is that there are many Palestinians with Israeli passports, millions of them. What happens when we impose a blanket ban? These are matters that need careful consideration,” Attorney General Ahmed Usham told reporters during a press conference on Monday.

On the heels of Israel defending herself against an unprovoked Hamas onslaught on October 7, Jewish advocacy groups argue that Muizzu’s blanket ban is an unacceptable push to side with terrorists over their victims.

Israel meticulously focuses its military efforts to safeguard Gaza’s residents by dismantling Hamas’ ability to use the population as human shields. For the Maldives to flirt with ostracizing Israel in such a context is being seen as patently misguided, even if walking back the ban shows some prudence.

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