Nine months after October 7th, the mothers of the hostages send emotional messages to their children:

Naama Levi’s mother: “Naama, I know you. You have strength.”.
David and Ariel Cunio’s mother: “David and Ariel, I want you HERE!”

Hersh Goldberg Polin’s Mother: “Hersh thank you for making me a mother, I love you. Stay strong. Survive”

Karina Ariev’s mother: “Karina – Do everything you can to come home alive, we want you alive.”.
Agam Berger’s mother: “Continue praying and strengthening everyone.”

Omri Shemtov’s mother: “Omriko! Be strong. Always have faith.”

Liri Albag’a mother: “Liri, my girl, I’m so sorry that we haven’t succeeded in rescuing you yet.”

Orl Gilboa’s mother: “Orly, I know you will be back soon.”

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