Cracks are emerging in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s governing coalition just eight months into Israel’s war against Hamas.

Local Hebrew media reports that War Minister Benny Gantz is expected to announce his resignation tonight at 8PM local time from Netanyahu’s war cabinet.

While celebrating the recent daring rescue of four Israeli civilians held hostage by Hamas since its deadly October 7 assault, Gantz hinted at deeper divides in statement released on Saturday.

“This was a very complex operation that required great courage from the approvers, the commanders, and primarily the soldiers. I have immense appreciation for them and am glad that the operation succeeded, and I would have supported it even if, God forbid, it had ended otherwise,” Gantz said.

“Alongside the justified joy of achievement, we must remember that all the challenges facing Israel,” he said. “Therefore, I say to the Prime Minister and the entire leadership – even today, we must look responsibly at how it is possible and right to continue from here.”

Gantz’s resignation threat come despite the prime minister’s pleas to maintain unity as over 120 hostages still remain in Hamas’ barbaric captivity.

“This is a time for unity and not division…we must remain united in facing the great tasks ahead of us,” Netanyahu urged in a statement on Sunday.

While rescuing the four hostages represented a major achievement, it ultimately changed little of the underlying political crisis. Netanyahu has sought to project confidence in the face of a no clear exit strategy. However, strong voices supporting Gantz seem to be growing impatient with the prime minister’s inability so far to end the war in Gaza and bring the remaining hostages home.

With stakes this high even temporary political paralysis could have severe ramifications.

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