A new survey reveals that a vast majority of Israelis are demanding accountability from Israeli leadership for failing to defend it citizens from Hamas’ massacre on October 7.

According to the poll from Midgam, a resounding 85% of Israelis want a full state inquiry into the events that left the nation’s heart bleeding on that tragic day. At the top of the list for accountability is Benjamin Netanyahu, with a substantial 66% of Israelis believing it’s time for the embattled prime minister to step aside.

Even among Netanyahu’s usually reliable right-wing base, faith in his leadership has been shaken, with barely half (53%) remaining convinced he’s the right man to steer Israel successfully through the Gaza war.

As for potential successors, former Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has emerged as an early favorite, commanding 30% support among those seeking a new standard-bearer for the right. Other possible contenders like Avigdor Liberman and ex-Mossad chief Yossi Cohen lag significantly behind with 10% respectively.

When asked about the Knesset’s recent controversial draft law requiring Orthodox yeshiva students to enlist, a majority of Israelis (66%) support the move claiming it strengthens Israel’s straining military efforts in the Gaza Strip.

It’s unclear whether the same dogged tenacity that’s kept Netanyahu on top for so long will be enough to withstand the fallout from October 7. Multiple reports suggest that Israel’s government had prior intelligence information that may have prevented the worst single day massacre against the Jews since the Holocaust.

With Netanyahu’s government falling apart at the seams, Israelis may soon have to decide whether stability lies in continuity or change, and must prepare for the price they are willing to pay for it.

    Josefina Guerrero June 30, 2024 11:09 pm

    Fuentes fidedignas confiables declararon que grupos de izquierda infiltrados en lugares claves de Israel como el jefe del estado Mayor izquierdista, teniente general quieren terminar la guerra, quieren entregar más tierras, Beni Gaus dice hey entreguemos todo ya ganamos, títere del gobierno de E. U. Hamás estaba planeando invadir, escucharon a las 6y30 y no dijeron nada y fueron asesinados los soldados en sus camas y decapitados es la culpa de Herzel Levy, estaba retrasando la ayuda, no le dijo al gobierno. C. S. J y la fiscal general cree que puede mandar como ella quiere.

    Lori K July 1, 2024 5:28 am

    The ONLY WAY that Bennett has that kind of support is POSSIBLE from people who are center or who were left and are moving center. The RIGHT considers him a traitor and there is NO WAY any such percentage of us would vote for him again. When mentioning him, consider him the Mike Pence of Israel.

    Tyrecia Saintfort July 1, 2024 12:15 pm

    Tyrecia Saintfort

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