A last-minute poll from Siena College shows Republican candidate Donald Trump surging ahead of Democratic incumbent Joe Biden ahead of tonight’s first presidential debate.

According to the survey, Trump now leads Biden by 4 points among likely voters at 48%, his biggest advantage yet in this election cycle compared to Biden’s 44%. Even with third-party candidates in the mix such as Robert Kennedy Jr., who will not be participating in Thursday’s debate, Trump maintains his edge at 40% to Biden’s 37%.

Biden’s advanced age continues to dog his campaign, with a staggering 70% of voters, including many of his own supporters, viewing him as too old to govern effectively. Only 40% harbor similar concerns about the 78-year-old Trump.

As Americans fret over the economy (23%) and immigration (17%), half believe Trump is better equipped to tackle their top issues, compared to just 40% for Biden.

Expectations heavily favor Trump to win tonight’s debate, with a whopping 59% predicting a strong showing from the former president while less than half (48%) expect Biden to hold his own.

With millions of American voters planning to tune in, tonight’s debate could prove pivotal in shaping Israel’s future.

Trump, a long-time supporter of Israel, moved the US embassy to Jerusalem and officially recognized the city as the Jewish people’s eternal capital. During his presidency he also recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, brokered the Abraham Accords, and withdrew from the disastrous Iranian nuclear deal spearheaded by Biden’s boss in 2015.

Meanwhile, Biden has often faced criticism for his pressure policies towards Israel since Hamas’ brutal massacre on October 7. Biden has pushed Israel to accept a ceasefire under his own terms and has also delayed arms shipments to its closest ally.

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