Iran’s oppressive theocratic regime is set to massively expand its mandatory hijab laws, offering a chilling glimpse into the regime’s ever-tightening grip on dissent following the death of President Ebrahim Raisi.

Under the “Hijab and Chastity Bill,” authorities will unleash a sprawling network of CCTV cameras to identify and punish women who dare to defy the compulsory head covering. Women photographed without a hijab will face swift identification by “trusted observers” and immediate arrest if they refuse to submit to the dress code, according to Iran International.

Violators can expect to be hit with devastating financial penalties, social exclusion, passport confiscation, and even exile under the bill’s harsh provisions.

The bill, currently under review by the Guardian Council, is widely expected to pass thanks to high-level support by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, a man whose iron-fisted rule has turned Iran into a dystopian hellscape.

While Israel, the Middle East’s only true democracy, continues to champion women’s rights and freedom of expression, the Islamic Republic remains mired in its long-running war on basic human dignity. By weaponizing cutting-edge technology to enforce suppression, Iran’s clergy is sending a clear message to its beleaguered citizens about the grim future that awaits them under the ayatollahs’ command.

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