The Chabad Center in Oakland has become the latest target of antisemitic violence, with vandals breaking the synagogue’s windows twice in the span of two weeks.

Surveillance footage reveals two separate incidents where individuals are sthrowing large rocks at the synagogue’s windows. In one video, a person is captured selecting a rock and hurling it, while in the other, someone approaches the building already carrying a rock before launching it.

The synagogue had previously fortified its windows with thick ballistic glass, anticipating the possibility of bullets and graffiti, but the rock-throwing attacks have exposed the relentless hatred Oakland’s Jewish community faces. Initial estimates to replace the 2 broken windows are approximately $20,000.

“To me, it is clear it is antisemitism. I am so outraged by this because this can happen again at any moment,” Rabbi Dovid Labkowski told ABC7.

In a remarkable display of resilience, the synagogue plans to use the rocks in a future project for the congregation.

“We’re going to build with it,” he said. “Instead of a dark and negative act of vandalism or antisemitism, we’re going to turn it into a positive and we’re going to use it.”

While Oakland police have promised to investigate the incidents, the lack of arrests after a public menorah in Lake Merritt was vandalized in December has left the Jewish community skeptical about the authorities’ commitment to addressing antisemitism.

According to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the tsunami of antisemitic incidents flooding America came after Hamas launched its massacre against Israel on October 7.

“It’s wrong. We need elected leaders, community leaders in Oakland and the Bay Area to step up and denounce this,” ADL Director Marc Levine said. “We also need Oakland leaders to make sure everyone, no matter their faith, can pray safely.”

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