Pennsylvania Law enforcement has cleared out the state’s Capitol building in Harrisburg after a bomb threat was emailed to hundreds of state government officials.

As initially reported by PennLive, legislators received an email shortly before 6pm on Saturday titled “My Manifesto” from someone claiming to have planted explosives in and around the Capitol, “in support of Palestine.”

“I plan on triggering one device every few hours until Joe Biden goes on national television and publicly denounces the illegitimate state of Israel,” the email reads. “Keep in mind, I am inside one of the two buildings armed with a knife, and plan on remaining here to my dying breath!”

Democratic Representative Ryan Bizzarro, who represents part of Erie County in Pennsylvania’s Third District, shared a screenshot of the email on X, commenting, “I’m tired of the foolery and unhinged behavior. Let’s hope they find this menace.”

Capitol Police are still searching the Capitol building with K9 units, but no explosives have been discovered so far.

Despite the bomb threat, President Joe Biden is still scheduled to land in Harrisburg on Sunday as part of a nationwide tour to improve his image following a disastrous debate performance against former president Donald Trump. Biden is trying to quell growing dissent among some congressional Democrats and influential donors who fear he may not be able to defeat Trump in November’s presidential elections.

In a Friday interview with ABC News, Biden stated that only the “Lord Almighty” could persuade him to drop out, dismissing the possibility that Democratic leaders could band together to persuade him to step down.

“If the Lord Almighty comes down and tells me that, I might do that,” Biden said. “Look, I have a cognitive test every single day. Every day, I have that test. Everything I do. You know, not only am I campaigning, but I’m running the world.”

    Linda G July 8, 2024 2:01 am

    What a laugh, running the world, he meant ruining the world!

    Ibrahim July 10, 2024 12:09 am

    Good article overall. Including more statistics could help strengthen the arguments and provide additional credibility.

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