In a move that could fracture congressional support for Israel, Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is rallying Democrats against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s upcoming speech to Congress.

During an interview with CNN this weekend, the former Speaker of the House gave voice to a growing anti-Israel sentiment with the party by arguing that the decision to invite Netanyahu was a mistake.

“I feel very sad that he has been invited,” Pelosi told the network. “I think that it’s going to be very provocative, and he shouldn’t have been invited. I don’t know what he’s going to say, but it’s going to provoke protesters anyway.”

As the most powerful Democrat on Capitol Hill for over two decades, political pundits argue that Pelosi’s hardline stance could embolden the anti-Israel extremists of her party. Liberal firebrands like Rep. Hank Johnson are already planning to boycott the speech.

“I think she’s expressing what a lot of members feel. And she is giving cover to members who might be in tight positions who feel the way that she does,” Johnson told the Hill.

Pelosi’s opposition puts her at odds with Democratic leaders like House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), who both endorsed Netanyahu’s invitation.

The last time Netanyahu addressed a joint session of Congress in 2015, Pelosi viciously attacked his evidence-based warnings that the JCPOA nuclear deal was dangerously flawed by infamously lamenting how awful it was.

At a time when solidarity with Israel should be paramount, a growing antipathy towards the Jewish state seems to run deeper than ever. With voices like Pelosi’s fanning antisemitic flames, the Democratic party’s lack of bipartisan support for Israel could significantly rupture America’s ironclad bond with its closest ally.

    Itzi June 18, 2024 12:20 pm

    And jews vote for Democrats?

    Young Bruce June 18, 2024 1:15 pm

    What morons the California Jews are – they gave this washed up rag millions- we shouldn’t support any democrats at all

    Costa June 18, 2024 3:55 pm

    Itzi and Young Bruce, you are both quick to forget who held up the Military Aid bill that Biden proposed for Israel and the Ukraine. May I remind you that the bill was held up by the Republicans for almost 6 months, at the instruction of that moron orange mop-head in Mar-a-largo. These idiots Republicans didn’t give a shit about Israel or Ukraine by linking border issue demands on the Democrats relevant to the southern border in exchange for passing the bill and held that blackmail demand for 6 months until April, when Biden forced the bill through congress by canvassing Speaker Johnson and other Republicans, emphasising the urgent need the two countries (Israel and Ukraine) had for this aid. You clearly display a lack of geopolitical knowledgable on world matters. The Israel/Hamas conflict is not the only problem on THE POTUS’s desk. There are many other issues that the president has to consider when making such decisions, including the election. Your posts are narrow minded and unappreciative of the enormity of the position Biden and Harris hold. Biden may loose the election because of his unequivocal and unwavering support specifically for Israel. Shame on you two.

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