In another sickening display of brutality, the Iranian-backed Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) terrorist group released a second propaganda video featuring Israeli hostage Alexander Trufanov.

The undated footage shows a distraught Trufanov, 28, appearing to read scripted remarks criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. His reference to Israel’s May 5 shuttering of Al Jazeera’s offices suggests the video was filmed sometime in recent weeks.

Trufanov’s world was shattered on October 7 when Hamas embarked on a bloody rampage through southern Israel, claiming the lives of 1,200 innocent civilians and brutally slaying the young hostage’s father. Though a brief November ceasefire brought freedom to Trufanov’s mother, grandmother, and girlfriend, he continues to languish in captivity.

Trufanov’s fate remained unknown to the public until PIJ released their first disturbing propaganda video this past week. His mother, speaking through a statement released by The Hostages Families Forum, made an emotional appeal to the government, urging them to take action and bring all the hostages back home.

“Seeing my Sasha on my TV was very cheering, but it also breaks my heart that he’s still been in captivity for so long,” she said. “I ask everyone, all the decision-makers: Please do everything, absolutely everything, to bring my son and all the hostages home now.”

As PIJ and Hamas continue to engage in heinous acts of psychological torture, exploiting the agony of desperate families for their twisted propaganda, they further expose the depths of their depravity and their utter contempt for human life.

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