Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) has once again flaunted its brutality and depravity this week by releasing a chilling propaganda video featuring hostage Alexander Trufanov.

Trufanov was among over 250 Israeli civilians abducted during Hamas’s October 7 onslaught that left 1,200 dead. He was taken alongside his mother, grandmother, and girlfriend, while his father was killed in the attack. The three women were released as part of a brief ceasefire deal in November.

In the undated 30-second video, the desperate 28-year-old is seen identifying himself and ominously stating that he will soon discuss the fate of himself and other hostages held captive in Gaza.

The Hostages Families Forum, representing the hostages’ anguished families, pleaded with Israel’s government to immediately take decisive action to liberate their loved ones from the Gaza hellhole.

“The sign of life from Alex Trufanov is further and clear proof that the Israeli government should give a significant mandate to the negotiating team, which could lead to a deal for the return of all the abducted, the living for rehabilitation and the murdered for burial,” the forum stated.

This heinous act of psychological warfare is a stark reminder of the depravity of these terrorist organizations that threaten the lives of innocent Israelis. As desperate families plead for mercy, PIJ and Hamas continue to dangle their fates as bargaining chips while reveling in their cruelty.

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