A new poll paints a grim picture for President Joe Biden’s re-election prospects in several crucial battleground states due to his flip-flop stance on the war in Gaza.

According to the survey by Siena College, among registered voters across Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, former President Donald Trump leads Biden among likely voters in five of the six states. Only in Michigan does Biden maintain an edge over his likely Republican challenger.

On the thorny issue of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a striking 13% of those who voted for Biden in these decisive states in 2020 have decided not to support him again in November’s rematch versus Trump. Among those Biden voters who are now defecting, a resounding 83% say they sympathize more with the Arab cause than Israel’s position. Furthermore, a solid 51% of likely voters say they trust Trump more than Biden (36%) to handle the long-standing crisis.

Biden narrowly captured all six of these battleground prizes four years ago on his way to defeating Trump. In Arizona, Biden won by just 10,457 votes out of 3.4 million cast, and his Georgia victory was even slimmer at 11,779 votes. Biden’s wins in Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin were all decided by less than 3 percentage points as well.

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