Independence Day celebrations took a dark turn on Thursday when a raucous crowd of roughly 100 people congregated in Washington Square Park to set an American flag on fire and chant provocatives against the United States and Israel.

Disturbing video footage from the scene shows a group of young, keffiyeh-clad radicals gleefully setting fire to the American Flag while chanting “Free free free Palestine” and “Burn it down.” One particularly vocal protester can be heard shouting “F–k Israel! F–k America! Woohoo!” as fellow demonstrators giggle in approval.

As the camera pans down, it reveals a tattered American flag smoldering on the ground next to a poster depicting President Trump and President Biden wearing crowns, with the ominous message “DEATH TO ALL KINGS”. It appears to reference a recent Supreme Court ruling granting US presidents absolute immunity from actions taken during their time in office.

The demonstration, part of a coordinated “Flood Manhattan for July 4th” event, quickly devolved into a violence when police arrived on the scene. NYPD were met with a barrage of taunts, including “Oink oink piggy piggy” and one protestor was arrested, according to the New York Post.

Regardless of political motivations, burning an American flag is a slap in the face to the countless service members who heroically fought and died to protect against the same heinous bigotry committed yesterday.

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