Anticipation is growing as world renowned Israeli singer Ishay Ribo is set to headline the premier Jewish unity concert of the year in the “world’s most famous arena,” Madison Square Garden in New York City. Building on last year’s successful late summer event, this year’s version scheduled for September 15, promises to be grander and all the more thrilling.

In light of the difficult times the Jewish people have been facing following Hamas’ Oct. 7 indiscriminate massacre against Israel, this unique opportunity for Jews of all stripes and backgrounds to come together for an evening of soulful joy with Ishay’s music is a welcome reprieve.

When the war broke out Gaza last year, Ishay sprang into action, crisscrossing the country to bring joy to soldiers on the front lines, injured soldiers back home, bereaved families of fallen soldiers, as well as displaced families from the border communities. Forgoing his own pain, Ishay gave his heart and soul to the Jewish people to bring comfort, joy, and hope.

Famous for his boundary-defying ability to reach out and connect with the hearts and souls of all Jews, Ishay’s performance in the epicenter of American Jewry is a chance to unite as one family in hope and song.

He will be joined on stage by Israeli singers Idan Reichel and Eviatar Banai who are known throughout the Jewish world as the authoritative voices of modern Israeli music, if not the very founders of the genre. Performing in countless venues across Israel and authors of multiple music labels, Idan and Banai’s voices have come to define the contemporary Israeli sound.

As in the past year, the concert is being organized in collaboration with Davidson Artist Management and Bnei Akiva of the United States & Canada, an organization singularly dedicated to uniting the Jewish world with Torah, Avodah, and encouraging Aliyah.

Bnei Akiva offers numerous programs that ignite the hearts of future Jewish leaders and strengthen connection to Israel and Judaism. From immersive experiences such as summer camps and trips, to leadership development and community service, Bnei Akiva is fostering a new generation of engaged and connected Jewish youth.

A world-class event in the US with Israel’s most prominent voices falls directly in line with such a noble mission.

    Fariba June 19, 2024 1:24 pm

    Looking forward! Kililili!!!!

    Fariba June 19, 2024 1:25 pm

    Am Israel Hai!

    Fariba June 19, 2024 1:26 pm

    Am Israel Hai!

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