Blood-soaked Hamas chief Yahya Sinwar continues to evade capture as only a handful of his most trusted henchmen know where he’s holed up.

As per Al-Awsat, citing two Hamas sources, Sinwar has managed to direct his terror forces despite being constantly on the move to evade Israeli forces. Only a tight-knit circle of two to three senior Hamas terrorists are responsible for his needs and facilitating contact.

The report doesn’t specify the methods of communication Sinwar uses while underground, leaving open the possibility of indirect messaging through envoys. However, he allegedly sent condolences to fellow Oct. 7 mastermind Ismail Haniyeh in Qatar after an Israeli strike killed three of his sons during a terror operation.

Contrary to earlier speculation, Sinwar has also been actively involved in hostage negotiation proposals, studying each offer before conveying his response. Sources close to the Hamas leader indicate he’s seeking either an “honorable exchange deal” or is prepared to face death, rejecting any possibility of exile from Gaza.

After nearly nine months of war, Israel has successfully eliminated several senior Hamas leaders but has yet to get to Sinwar. It’s believed he utilizes Hamas’ extensive terror tunnel network to constantly relocate as Israeli troops advance into new areas.

The last visual confirmation of Sinwar’s whereabouts since October 7 came in February when the IDF shared footage purportedly showing him with family members. Channel 12 reports that Israeli intelligence has obtained additional footage of Sinwar, including more recent clips documenting the terror leader’s movements.

    Katherine Keyser July 3, 2024 6:05 pm

    I would go as far as to say, he does not exist, what is left of Hamas just want to keep Hamas alive to keep this morning cement or just a copycat, voiceless yet active somehow. Even lookalikes. Could be anyone, even a telegram on paper proves nothing

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