Hezbollah informed Hamas that a ceasefire in Gaza would lead to a ceasefire in the North, according to a Reuters report. Hamas agreed to a Gaza ceasefire, and Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah welcomed the move.

A Hamas delegation, led by deputy leader Khalil Al-Hayya, met Nasrallah in Beirut to discuss the developments. A Hezbollah official confirmed that a ceasefire in Gaza would result in an immediate ceasefire in Lebanon.

This follows renewed hostage negotiations after discussions between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Joe Biden, and Israel’s delegation to Qatar. Hamas dropped its demand for an upfront pledge from Israel to end the war, leading Netanyahu to send a team to Doha for further talks. Netanyahu informed Biden that Israel would engage in talks based on a new three-phase deal proposal concerning the release of 120 hostages and a Gaza ceasefire.

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