A shocking new report has revealed a catastrophic intelligence failure preceding Hamas’ massacre against southern Israel on October 7.

According to Kan News, IDF observers witnessed a large-scale Hamas military drill on October 3 simulating the very rocket strikes and infiltration raids that would ultimately devastate Israeli civilians and take hostages four days later.

However, these ominous training exercises involving some 170 terrorists were simply waved off by security sources as “just any other exercise” routinely conducted by Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Beyond this catastrophic missed signal, previous reporting reveals Israeli intelligence allegedly had documents well in advance of Oct. 7 outlining Hamas’ plans for a “large-scale raid and abduction.”

In response to these damning allegations, the IDF announced it was thoroughly investigating the matter.

“The IDF is investigating the events of October 7 and the preceding incidents. These investigations aim to learn and draw lessons for future combat,” an IDF spokesperson told the Hebrew news channel. “The investigations are ongoing, and findings will be presented transparently to the public once concluded.”

However, for many stunned Israelis still reeling from the trauma of the massacre, such reassurances often ring hollow. How security forces could have so disastrously misjudged both the imminent threat from Hamas’ overt training and the credibility of its own intelligence could likely haunt the Jewish state for years to come.

    Anguri Xara June 25, 2024 4:09 pm

    Keep your faith and hope for the future, Jerusalem, and don’t get stuck with these shameful errors of judgment.
    Never hesitate, learn from mistakes, and engage for even better results. You’re a strong nation. I PRAY FOR YOU!

    Simple Person June 25, 2024 5:00 pm

    Thank you Anguri Xara your words helped me

    Channah July 7, 2024 1:01 am

    On Friday October 6, a member of Kibbutz Netiv Ha’asara reported a shocking report. The 3 reconnaissance balloons on the northern border of Gaza from Netiv Ha’Asara and eastward were “ grounded”! The eyes of Israel bordering on the Northern border were blinded. She immediately reported this to the the army, a shocking breech of security, and their response was : the balloons are grounded because of technical difficulties and because they are serviced by a civilian maintenance company, they will be grounded until Sunday October 8, when maintenance can be restored. So there you have it. Several days before , the same citizen reported paragliding practice in Beit Hanoun, also reported. Also ignored.
    On October 7, while the recon balloons were grounded, 3 Hamas paragliders flew over the wall and landed in Netivot Haassara. Then more breeched the fences. 20 members were massacred.

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