The US State Department has approved plans for Iran’s murderous regime to establish polling stations across American cities to facilitate their upcoming sham presidential elections.

Despite having repeatedly denounced Iran’s ruling theocracy as an undemocratic system that brutally represses dissent and denies its own citizens free and fair elections, the State Department confirmed on Monday that over 30 absentee voting stations will be established in “safe” locations ahead of Friday’s vote.

“This is nothing new,” a State Dept. spokesperson told Voice of America. “Foreign governments carrying out election-related activities in the U.S. must do so in a manner consistent with US law and regulations.”

Earlier this month, Iran’s Foreign Ministry touted its plans to open polling stations in American cities, including Washington D.C., New York City and major Iranian diaspora hubs to vote on a replacement for deceased tyrant President Ebrahim Raisi. Precise locations, including potential hotels and Islamic centers utilized in past voting, are still reportedly being finalized.

While the US Census pegs the Iranian-American community at around 500,000 based on data of foreign-born residents, the independent National Union for Democracy in Iran (NUFDI) claims over 1 million Iranians now call America home.

While derided by the Biden administration itself as categorically neither free nor fair, Iran’s presidential selection process is being orchestrated by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, whose theocratic Guardian Council exerts total control over which regime loyalists can run.

Critics argue that Biden’s green light for Tehran’s upcoming sham vote on American soil is fueling fresh alarms that he will continue appeasing Khamenei as a twisted means to deter the regime’s nuclear advances.

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