British comedian Stephen Fry has taken on a more serious character in his latest big-screen role titled “Treasure.”

Playing Holocaust survivor Edek Rothwax, he embarks on an emotional journey with his daughter Ruth to visit his former home in Poland and the infamous Auschwitz death camp.

In a review by Vanity Fair, Fry’s character brings warmth and humor to the screen, serving as a perfect counterbalance to the traumatized Ruth. As the father-daughter duo navigate Poland, they engage in lighthearted bickering before making the somber trip to Auschwitz. Along the way, they discover that the family now living in Edek’s old apartment still possesses some of his family’s belongings, such as a bowl and tea set.

The film is based on autobiographical novel “Too Many Men” by Lily Brett and is directed by Julia von Heinz.

Fry, who was born to a Jewish mother but not raised in the orthodox tradition, has often spoken about his own connection to his Jewish heritage. In a particularly poignant moment, Fry recounted to The Guardian his disgust upon learning that his Jewish great-grandfather’s grave in Slovakia had been desecrated by robbers seeking to steal gold from the deceased’s teeth and rings.

“If this happened in Britain, this would be covered by laws of racial cruelty or so on. It’s also a kind of blasphemy against something more than the Jewish faith, though. It made me question whether I really was quite so sure that blasphemy was an old-time law for an old-time statute book,” he said.

While Treasure deals with heavy subject matter, it also manages to find moments of levity and hope, thanks in large part to Fry’s charming and witty performance. The film is a testament to the power of love in the face of unimaginable horror.

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