A “potential disaster” was averted when police discovered 11 weapons & NYPD and MTA uniforms in a car in Queens that was stopped just blocks away from La Guardia International Airport.

Investigators say that among an arsenal of guns, axes and knives, a baton had “Left me no choice” and “you gonna learn today” engraved on it as well a an Arabic phrase translating to “Ask in God for forgiveness.”

The Jihadist who espoused anti-Israel views online, was ordered held without bail in Queens Criminal Court after being arrested near La Guardia Airport with an arsenal of weapons in his SUV. During the stop, the would be terrorist nervously reached under his seat, where police found a loaded 9mm Glock pistol.

They also discovered a knife strapped to his leg, an MTA reflective vest, a makeshift axe, and a sword inside the vehicle.

In total, nearly a dozen weapons, an NYPD bullet-proof vest, and 179 rounds of ammunition were recovered from his black Ford Explorer. Investigators also noted a disturbing photo on Sanson’s Facebook page.

Sanson, who has addresses in Tennessee and Maryland but lives with his father in Queens, works as a self-employed mechanic.

His lawyer argued for reasonable bail, but the judge agreed with prosecutors to hold him at Rikers Island without bail until his next court appearance on Monday.

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