Thousands of protesters with torches in hand protested on Tuesday night outside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s residence in Jerusalem.

The demonstration began at the Knesset, where blue balloons were released into the sky as a sign calling for early elections. Family members of hostages taken by Hamas on Oct. 7 proceeded to lead a march to the prime minister’s residence on Gaza Street. According to the police, demonstrators broke down security barriers and a torch was thrown at a mounted policeman.

“You (Netanyahu) are Pharaoh and you are inflicting the plague of the first born on us. You failed, and you are responsible for the blood of 1,400 victims and 240 hostages. During your watch, you nurtured and raised Hamas,” said Einav Tsengauker, mother of Matan, who is being held hostage in Gaza.

In attendance was former prime minister Ehud Barak, who had some choice words for Netanyahu, a political rival he defeated in 1999.

“We demand elections now. We are angry. It is clear to everyone that we will enter Rafah only in a few weeks, and then it will last several months. By then, almost all of the hostages will return in coffins,” Barak said.

“Those who abandoned them on October 7 are now ready to sacrifice them. Even if the release of the hostages involves a ceasefire, we can crush Hamas. But if Israel succumbs to its leader, the hostages may never return.”

Netanyahu was not at home during the incident because he was at a secure facility recovering from a recent hernia surgery, per Ynet.

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