Turkey refused to allow an Israeli El Al flight to refuel after it made an emergency landing at Antalya International Airport on Sunday.

While en route from Warsaw to Tel Aviv, El Al Flight LY5102 was forced to make a landing in Antalya after a passenger on board suffered a severe medical emergency. Despite initially granting permission for the plane to de-board and refuel, Turkish authorities suddenly reversed course erroneously claiming that permits were required to fuel the plane, according KAN News.

Left with no other choice, the plane was forced to take off and fly to Greece’s Rhodes International Airport to refuel. The condition of the ill passenger remains unknown at this time.

Turkey’s actions not only put the life of a critically ill passenger at risk but also jeopardized the safety of everyone on board. However, it should come as no surprise considering President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s hostility towards Israel after October 7. Erdogan has long held disdain for the Jewish State’s leader, often comparing Benjamin Netanyahu to history’s most evil dictators, including Hitler and Stalin.

Erdogan’s government which suffered significant setbacks in local elections in March, is reportedly facing mounting domestic pressure to cut ties with Israel completely. In May, Turkey announced that all Israeli exports and imports would stop after the IDF expanded its operations into Rafah. It also joined South Africa’s case at the International Court of Justice which accuses Israel of committing ‘genocide’ in Gaza.

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