The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) descended into complete bedlam this week as Hamas sympathizers turned the campus into a staging ground for antisemitic intimidation, illegal occupations, and open defiance of law enforcement trying to restore order.

What began as planned protests on Monday against UCLA’s financial ties to Israeli companies rapidly metastasized into an anti-Jewish hate fest as soon as demonstrators started erecting illegal encampments at Dickson Plaza, Kerckhoff Patio, and Shapiro Courtyard.

Rabbi Dovid Gurevich, the young Chabad leader serving UCLA’s Jewish students, got an up-close look at the anti-Israel protests before he was surrounded by masked agitators. His phone was slapped out of his hand, while another called him “pedophile rabbi,” according to the Jerusalem Post.

When Rabbi Gurevich asked the person who concealed their face, the “activist” responded, “If I show my face, I’ll have to f—king kill you,” and then threatened to beat the rabbi unconscious.

Other demonstrators piled on with overtly antisemitic slurs, referring to Israelis as “fake Jews.” However, Rabbi Gurevich refused to silently endure the harassment, shouting back, “You’re telling the rabbi who the real Jews are? Stop gaslighting.”

Far from a rebuke, the anti-Israel mob dyed the Shapiro Fountain blood-red and marched with an empty coffin to venerate Hamas’ fallen “martyrs.” It took a massive response from LAPD dressed in riot gear to finally disperse the entrenched protesters who disrupted the day’s exams with bigotry and violence.

However, even after police regained control, the organizers from Students for Justice in Palestine showed zero remorse. They made explosive claims on X of protesters being “tackled, stepped on, and choked” – invoking the same violent language spewed at the revered Rabbi.

The harassment Rabbi Gurevich has endured should be a wake-up call about the soaring threats Jewish students face across America. As SJP promises to ramp up lawlessness on campuses, it’s clear the normalization of this antisemitic behavior has already gone too far.

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