The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) has yet to apologize after its campus rabbi was verbally assaulted during anti-Israel protests this past week.

“We haven’t had any communications since then with anyone in the administration,” Chabad of UCLA Rabbi Dovid Gurevich told the Washington Free Beacon.

During Monday’s anti-Israel campus rally, agitators with masked faces reportedly hurled vile slurs like “f—ing pedophile” and “fake Jew” at the rabbi while telling him to “go back to Poland” after they knocked a phone out of his hand.

Rabbi Gurevich said neither of the two primary antisemitic aggressors appeared to be UCLA students. Campus security officers allegedly told the rabbi they were not “authorized to do anything” beyond trying to “de-escalate” the unhinged harassment he faced.

Protesters reportedly injured at least six campus police officers during the violent rally, with one suffering a severe head wound after being struck. Students ended up missing finals because they were blocked from classrooms, buildings were defaced, and a campus fountain was dyed red. In all, 27 protesters were arrested, though it’s unclear how many were actually UCLA students, according to the New York Post.

Unfortunately, this lack of action continues a pattern of UCLA officials mishandling the antisemitic protests that have roiled the campus for weeks. In early May, police had to be called to break up an unauthorized weeklong encampment where “activists” blocked students from accessing campus buildings unless they pledged support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.

Even after that illegal occupation ended, the disruptions have since escalated.

Meanwhile, Republican lawmakers are pushing for legislation requiring schools that allow such blatant Jew-hatred to fester to be held accountable by freezing government funds.

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