A Hamas sympathizer has brought the terror outfit’s unhinged war against the Jewish state directly to the shores of Australia.

According to Reuters, a hooded suspect used a sledgehammer to shatter nine windows at the consulate around 3 a.m. on Monday before spray-painting graffiti on the building’s remaining windows. One symbol that was hard to miss was an inverted red triangles that has been used by Hamas in their propaganda videos.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese made sure to condemn the rampage.

“People are traumatized by what is going on in the Middle East, particularly those with relatives in either Israel or in the Palestinian occupied territories,” he said in a Tuesday press conference. “Measures such as painting the US Consulate do nothing to advance the cause of those who have committed what is, of course, a crime to damage property.”

Australian political pundits argue progressive Albanese needed to signal more strongly that there is zero tolerance by ensuring the criminals face appropriate justice. Failure to do so only signals to antisemitic radicals that they can enjoy de facto immunity.

Law enforcement has been facing an upsurge in extremism since October 7, metastasizing from Australia’s antisemitic fringe. Just last month, vandals defaced the Sydney consulate with “Free Gaza” graffiti, while the US consulate in Melbourne was besieged by anti-Israel agitators a few days later.

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