As tensions escalate and cross-border attacks intensify between Israel and Hezbollah, diplomatic efforts from the United States and European countries are being made to prevent a full-scale war.

According to Time, senior diplomats have conveyed a stark message to Hezbollah indicating that neither the US nor Europe will be able to restrain Israeli leadership if they choose to launch a comprehensive offensive into Lebanese territory.

Furthermore, the Biden administration has signaled to Israel that opening a second front is not in their best interest.

“We’re going to continue to help Israel defend itself; that’s not going to change,” White House spokesman John Kirby said. “As for a hypothetical specifically with respect to the northern border line, we want to see no second front opened, and we want to see if we can resolve the tensions out there through diplomatic processes.”

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin echoed this sentiment last week when he met with Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant at the Pentagon.

“Such a war would be a catastrophe for Lebanon,” Austin cautioned. “Another war between Israel and Hezbollah could easily become a regional war, with terrible consequences for the Middle East.”

Israel’s military is heavily strained after nearly nine months of fighting Hamas in Gaza, while Hezbollah is estimated to possess an arsenal of approximately 150,000 missiles capable of reaching any city within the Jewish State.

Although the US provided assistance to Israel in intercepting a deadly barrage of Iranian missiles and suicide drones in April, it would likely face greater challenges in helping defend against attacks from Hezbollah. Despite the effectiveness of Israel’s Iron dome, the shorter-range rockets that Hezbollah routinely fires are more difficult to intercept than long-range missiles.

Watch as the IDF struck several Hezbollah sites in southern Lebanon on Saturday after Hezbollah’s rocket attacks on northern Israel.

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