US Generals Blast Anti-Israel Campus Furor in Full-Throated Defense of Ally


A group of 80 retired US generals reaffirmed full-throated support for Israel of Friday amid surging antisemitic campus protests over the Gaza War.

“Given our experience as retired American military leaders, we are very concerned about the security impacts of increasingly strained U.S.-Israel ties as Israel becomes a growing source of domestic division,” a joint letter addressed to the Jewish Institute for National Security of America (JINSA) reads.

“We feel compelled to declare a strong Israel is vital to US national security, and America must unequivocally stand by this indispensable ally,” the generals stated, citing the “largest one-day loss of innocent Jewish life since the Holocaust.” They argued that the US must back Israel against threats from Iran and its terrorist proxies across the Middle East, calling them “enemies of the United States.”

“More than any other American ally, Israel has always sought to defend itself by itself. Still, US forces recently helped defend Israel against an Iranian onslaught. Israel’s military and intelligence services have also often protected US soldiers and citizens and provided critical intelligence.”

The general’s well-received support arrives as university presidents nationally face intensifying unrest following the October 7 Hamas attacks and subsequent pro-Hamas demonstrations by student bodies.

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