Pro-Israel Senator John Fetterman (D-PA) who is visiting Israel for the first time met with Israel’s President Herzog in his trademark, despite the warm weather in Israel. Herzog expressed deep gratitude to the Senator for his ongoing support for Israel and solidarity with the Israeli people.

During the meeting, Senator Fetterman showed the President a bracelet he was wearing, which he received from families whose loved ones were murdered by Hamas terrorists at the Nova Festival on October 7th. He told the President he would not remove the bracelet until all the hostages had been returned home to their families.

President Herzog to Fetterman: “Welcome to Israel, my friend. I know that you come out of passion and love for this country. And I want to say thank you, on behalf of our nation and behalf of Israel. Those who stand with us showing moral clarity, we shall never forget them. And we want to thank you, you’re a true leader.”

Senator Fetterman replied to Herzog: “I’m honored by those words, but I don’t really believe I should be thanked for just doing my job. It’s been a very easy and clear choice throughout all of this, through everything your nation has been through after October 7. I’ve always wanted to be a very consistent voice throughout all this.”

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