Video Game Featuring Arab Terrorist as Hero in ‘Fight to Free Palestine’ Draws Concern


A new role-playing shooter (RPG) game that features an Arab terrorist killing Israeli soldiers has been making headlines.

‘Fursan al-Aqsa: The Knights of the Al-Aqsa Mosque’ is available to download on the Steam platform. It describes itself as the “Palestinian Max Payne on Steroids” and “inspired by suffering that is hardly close to reality.”

The synopsis of the game says you play as Ahmad al-Falastini, an Arab student who was “unjustly tortured and jailed” by Israeli soldiers for 5 years and had his family killed by an Israeli airstrike. Now, after getting out of prison, al-Falastini seeks revenge against those who “wronged him, killed his family, and stolen his homeland” by joining a new Arab resistance movement called Fursan al-Aqsa.

The game has gotten rave reviews on Steam, with one gamer saying, “I feel what captivated me was the over-the-top energy that never let up at any point and that wanted me to keep going to see just how crazy it can all get.”

Ian Boudreau, a self-proclaimed freelance game journalist, commented, “Fursan al-Aqsa immediately harkens back to classic shooters – it always feels dangerous and tense. I’m really impressed with the quality of the animations – Ahmad’s actions all look amazingly fluid and natural, even with the game’s throwback vibe. This is a seriously terrific piece of work as well as an important perspective that we have never seen in a shooter before.”

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