A shocking video has gone viral showing Jews being assaulted during Sweden’s annual Gay Pride parade on Tuesday.

In the clip, a group of Middle Eastern-looking men can be seen approaching attendees in Malmo who were wearing Star of David emblems and carrying rainbow Israeli flags. While driving up alongside the curb, they shout “F—ing f—ots,” and “Do you support killing children?”

The group of rabid antisemites then proceeds to assault the Jewish marchers by attempting to snatch away their flags and raining blows upon them. One woman in a keffiyeh halfheartedly attempts to calm the mob, to no avail.

Swedish authorities, notorious for their lax approach to migrant crime, have opened an investigation.

“We are actively working on the current case,” a police spokesperson told the Jerusalem Post, without detailing any specific measures to protect the country’s Jewish citizens or prevent future attacks.

While Jewish LGBTQ individuals abroad grapple with prejudice, Israel remains a beacon of acceptance in the Middle East.

On Wednesday, Israel’s National Labor Court rejected an appeal by the National Insurance Institute, affirming that same-sex partners in domestic roles qualify for spousal benefits. In her ruling, Judge Varda Wirth Livne declared that clinging to gendered terminology reflects an antiquated mindset from Israel’s founding years.

“The interpretation that a man in a relationship with a same-sex partner in a family unit can, at his choice, be defined as a househusband is required by public interest and the principle of equality that underlies it,” Livne wrote. “This is an interpretation that upholds human rights, and among other reasons, it is preferred over any other interpretation.”

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