Young Scholars Shine at Israel’s 2024 International Bible Contest


In a thrilling conclusion to the 2024 International Bible Contest on Tuesday, 11th grader Evyatar Bar-Gil from Jerusalem and 12th grader David Shasha from Petach Tikva tied for first place in the prestigious competition.

The International Bible Contest, held annually on Israel’s Independence Day, was founded by Israel’s first prime minister David Ben-Gurion in 1958. It serves as a platform to celebrate and promote the study of the Tanach among young Jewish students worldwide. As the competition progresses, contestants are eliminated based on their scores until a small group of student finalists remains. The final round is broadcast live on Israeli television, with the winner being crowned the champion.

Dov Gotthelf of the United States secured a strong second place finish, while Noa Rivka Kahn from Israel claimed third. The other contestants hailed from various countries, including Britain, Canada, South Africa, Panama, Mexico, and Australia.

According to Ynet, this year’s theme focused on the resilience and unity of the Israeli people. During the contest, some questions were asked by heroic figures such as Rachel Edri, affectionately known as “Rachel from Ofakim,” who gained recognition for baking cookies while fending off terrorists on October 7. Other guest questioners included Yoseph Haddad, a senior reserve officer who tirelessly defends Israel in its public diplomacy efforts.

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