Israeli soldiers shot and killed an Arab-Israeli man that they believed was carrying out a car ramming attack, after he crashed a stolen car into a Judea & Samaria bus stop.

The man on Tuesday rammed a bus stop near the settlement of Ariel, which was the scene of a recent terrorist shooting. No one was waiting at the stop at the time of the incident.

The driver was being pursued by a private security company which was monitoring the stolen car, according to reports. He ran from the car after crashing into a barrier protecting the bus stop. The driver was evacuated to an Israeli hospital after being shot by an Israeli soldier but later died of his injuries.

The Israel Defense Forces said it would investigate the incident. An initial investigation determined that the driver did not have terrorist intentions, Ynet reported.

A day earlier, Israeli security guards shot a Palestinian man who ran a checkpoint near the northern Judea & Samaria city of Tulkarem. The guards reportedly had called on the man to stop and when he did not do so shot at his lower body. He was evacuated to an Israeli hospital with serious injuries, according to reports. The Palestinian man was unarmed.

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