BREAKING: IDF Arrests Islamic Jihad Leader in Jenin, Riots Taking Place

Ramadan Shalah (

IDF arrested an Islamic Jihad leader in the West Bank early Monday morning, an IDF spokesperson said in a statement.

An Israeli security source says that the leader is Ramadan Abdullah Mohammad Shallah and that he was arrested for his “activities” in Islamic Jihad.

Ramadan Abdullah Mohammad Shallah is wanted by the FBI for conspiracy to conduct the affairs of the designated international terrorist organization known as the “Palestinian Islamic Jihad”.

The Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine known in the West as simply Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), is a Palestinian Islamist terrorist organization formed in 1981 whose objective is the destruction of the State of Israel and the establishment of a sovereign, Islamic Palestinian state.

PIJ has been labelled a terrorist organisation by the United States

During the 2014 Gaza War, Islamic Jihad and Hamas operatives used cross-border tunnels to carry out attacks against Israel.

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