CAUGHT ON TAPE: Terrorist Stabs Security Guard in the Heart (VIDEO)

The terrorist is Yassin Abu a-Quarat, from Nablus.

A terrorist stabbed and seriously injured a security guard* in Jerusalem near the city’s central bus station.

The guard was checking the terrorists belongings and ID card at the entrance to the station, which is routine. He reportedly was inspecting the Arab man’s backpack when the terrorist pulled out a knife and stabbed the guard in the heart.

The guard, in his 30s, arrived at Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem in critical condition, Haaretz reported.

Dr. Ofer Marin, director of the trauma unit at Shaare Zedek Medical Center, said that the condition of the security guard has somewhat stabilized, but that his life was still in danger. Dr. Marin said the knife reached the victim’s heart.

The terrorist, a 24-year old from the Nablus, was chased and tackled by a police officer and civilian bystanders and held until security forces arrested him and took him away for questioning.

The man had a permit to work between the security barrier and Israel’s internationally recognized border — but not further west, according to the Israel Security Agency, or Shin Bet. He reportedly has no ties to terrorist groups.

On Saturday evening, he wrote on Facebook: “For Allah, we must boost Jerusalem’s status, restore religion’s glory and sanctify Al-Aqsa, and the blood will flow from us,” Ynet reported.

The attack came as Arabs in the region continued to protest against the U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

*Please pray for the security guard Asher ben Sadah (אשר בן סעדה) who is in critical condition at Shaarei Tzedek hospital.

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