Fake News Alert: IDF Has Not Captured Hamas Leader


The Israel Defense Forces have released a statement addressing a widely circulated photo that sparked rumors of Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar being captured. The image shows an individual, resembling Sinwar, bound and blindfolded, surrounded by IDF soldiers. However, the IDF has clarified that the person in the photo is not the terror leader.

The IDF is reportedly making significant progress in their hunt for the Hamas leader, who is believed to have orchestrated the October 7 massacre in southern Israel, leading to the death of 1,200 and kidnapping of 250 people.

Sources in Israel’s defense ministry told IANS hat intelligence suggests Sinwar is fleeing with his family through Hamas’s tunnel networks, reportedly taking Israeli hostages with him. They are being used either as human shields and as leverage for negotiations.

Following the surrender of 200 terrorists at Gaza’s Nassar hospital, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant indicated Hamas leadership is looking for a replacement to Sinwar following communication breakdowns leaving them clueless on the whereabouts of their Gazan leader.

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