FIRST PICTURE: Seriously Wounded Terrorist, ‘Bangladeshi Man Who Lives in Brooklyn’


Photo released of the the 27-year-old Bangladeshi national, who lives in Brooklyn who set off the homemade explosive device at the Port Authority.

Suspect Akayed Ullah

The suspect was carrying ID with name Akayed Ullah. The suspect has been living in the USA for 7 years is reportedly telling police that he was inspired by ISIS.

The suspect had more devices which did not detonate. The suspect was wearing an explosive vest when he was taken into custody. Police are currently searching his Brooklyn home.

The Fire Department is reporting that there are four injuries in the Port Authority bombing. All injuries are non life threatening including the bomber.

The moment of the explosion was captured on CCTV. It shows a man in a hoodie walking and then exploding.

 One person, which is either the bomber or a pedestrian, is seen lying motionless on the floor. The bomber was taken on a stretcher to Bellevue Hospital with serious injures.




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